Raffy D

oct. de 2018 • En solitario
I had a very short time to explore the South, just about 48 hours, but I wanted to get the most out of every minute there. I found Mr. Firew Fikadu’s contact and decided to go ahead with him (Round Omo Valley Tour and Travels, Mr. Firew Fikadu, email: firewtour@gmail.com; phone +251 916 711928) since he was the only guide/tour organizer who wasn’t trying to overcharge me by requesting way more money than what one would expect to pay for a 48-hour tour. We agreed upon a rate and he met me at the Jinka airport. Upon my arrival, we didn’t waste any time, we hit the road straight away.Thanks to his fine planning skills, I saw as much as possible. My first night was spent at the largest Mursi camp, which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Firew had all the equipment required to make my stay at the camp as comfortable as possible, tent, mattress, pillows, etc. I had a chance to have dinner with the locals. Please don’t believe any of the negative comments you’ll read on the Internet regarding the Mursi, i.e. that they are dangerous and alcoholics. This is so untrue. The Mursi are one of the most docile, interesting/interested, warm and hospitable people I have ever met. The main reason I recommend Firew is that he himself is half Mursi and he masters the language perfectly. You can therefore communicate firsthand with the locals. This was a priceless advantage! He also masters the Ari language which is similar to the languages spoken by the Hamer and Banna tribes. Firew is a GREAT guy. He had even prepared a surprise for my 50th birthday by printing Happy Birthday banners and handed them over to the Mursi so we can take a unique photo for my birthday. The next day, we returned to Jinka and then drove to the Hamer market, visited a Banna village and also made a few stops where the Ari people live. Two days were hardly enough to get to know the South but better than nothing. I will definitely return next year to get to know more and experience more adventures. I highly recommend Firew for your Southern Ethiopian adventures. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed at all! Enjoy Ethiopia and all of its wonders! Cheers.


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