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Mastering the art of perfect adventure for 10+ years in the wild

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World Class Service

Offers you a very wide range of services and accommodation deals in Ethiopia.

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Sustainable Travel

Finding you a way tour that can be maintained long-term without harming natural and cultural environments

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Best Price Guarantee

Get the best price possible that includes local taxes.

About Us

A work of art is above all an adventure of mind!

Firewtours is established on the theme of introducing Ethiopia to the rest of the world by Firew Fikadu. I am a Tour Manager and a guide. I am experienced Tour Guide. I have led several independent and group tours to all the destinations in Ethiopia as per the clients specific needs among the wide range of tour activities.

As one of the leading Ethiopia Tour & travel Operators, we provide 4WD and Minivan rental, Travel equipment’s rental, Photography Tours, Birding, Nature Tour’s ,Trekkin, wildlife , Ethnological Tour’s, City Tour’s and Day Trips, Dannakil Depresión, Omo Vallye and reft Vally lakes various travel service solutions for leisure, group, charters and small business travelers, packed by real-time travel packages, Ethiopia travel guide & supreme products

People Power

Our Guides are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

About our service

In every destination, we have experienced local tour guides and drivers with an excellent up-to-date lines of communication. The service we provide ranges from budget to luxury tours. And also car rental service. We pay the utmost attention to your interests and desires when we plan your tour to Ethiopia.

Omo Valley tours
Bird watching
Ethnological Tours


People who always support and endorse our good work!

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