Sof Omar Cave

Bale Mountain Trek – 10 Days


Drive to the southeastern part of the capital city to the home of 26 % of Ethiopia endemic wildlife destination

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    Camping, Trekking
  • Activity Level Tough
  1. Day 1 Addis Ababa

    Drive to the southeastern part of the capital city to the home of 26 % of Ethiopia endemic wildlife destination and Upon arrival explore the headquarters of the Bale mountains national park, the areas are covered by juniper forest and home to different species of wildlife including two endemic species to the habitats (Mountain Nyala, Menelik’s Bushbuck )
    Except to see: Mountain Nyala, Menelik’s Bushbuck, Bohor Reedbuck, Common Warthog, and grey Duiker
    Habitat: open woodland
    Overnight: Campsite at the HQ (Camping)

  2. Day 2 Adele

    Hiking via the beautiful landscapes and the largest Afro-alpine to the next campsite which is so different in terms of habitats and wildlife.
    Except to see: Mountain Nyala, Menelik’s Bushbuck, Grey Duiker.
    Habitat: Heather Moorland
    Overnight: Adele campsite

  3. Day 3 Sodota

    Via through dramatic landscape walk to Afro-alpine meadows looking for one of the most endangered species of Wolf and different migratory birds, here is the day we start our best landscapes
    Key Animals: Ethiopian wolf, Mountain Nyala, Serval cat
    Habitat: Afro-alpine
    Overnight: Sodota Campsite

  4. Day 4 Wassama

    Again through the magnificent landscape experience of a lifetime heading to the next destination of our beautiful campsite, except to see Ethiopian Wolf and Caracal, serval cat.
    Key Animals: Ethiopian wolf, leopard,
    Habitat: Afro-alpine
    Overnight: Wassama Campsite

  5. Day 5 Rafu Rock Lava

    There is the day we gonna say wow where everything is special Rafu Rock Lava is an amazing experience, by the time you get there you gonna jump from rock to rock like klipspringer.
    Key Animals: Klipspringer, Leopard
    Over Night: Rafu Rock Lava (Rafu)
    Habitat: Afro-alpine

  6. Day 6 Garba Guracha

    After breakfast hiking on one of the largest Afro-alpine in the entire of Africa meet and greet one of the Rarest Canine species in the world the Ethiopian wolf and so many different species of birds beside wildlife and bird watching the landscapes itself breathtaking.
    Habitat: Afro-alpine
    Key Animals: Ethiopian wolf, Klipspringer, Rock Hyrax, Abyssinian hare
    Overnight: Garba Guracha

  7. Day 7 Harenna forest

    The vehicle will wait for us at the Escarpment of the Afro-alpine and we will load our gears to the vehicle and head to the remaining tropical rain forest of Harenna after we settled Down we will go for a night game drive looking for.
    KeyAnimals: Abyssinian black manned lion, leopard, Giant forest hog, bushpig.
    Overnight: Camping at Harenna forest
    Habitat: Tropical rainforest

  8. Day 8 Harenna forest

    Stay in the forest and drive to Manyate coffee forest toward south through the evergreen forest of Harenna forest then come back for lunch at campsite afternoon hiking to mountain Gushurale then Game Drive at the night before dinner.
    Except to see: Bale Monkey, Giant Forest hog, Bushpig, Colobus Monkey, Menelik’s Bushbuck
    Habitat: Tropical rainforest
    Overnight: Harenna forest

  9. Day 9 Senate plateau

    Drive from Harenna Forest and explore the Senate plateau for the last bit of our stay in the bale mountains national park the stay overnight in Bale Robe
    Overnight: Siko Mendo hotel

  10. Day 10 Sof Omar Cave

    Drive to The Sof Omar Cave System, a spectacular and extensive cave system in southeastern Ethiopia represents a maze of dry cave passages, which subsequently were crossed by a subterranean watercourse formed by the Weib River, forming combined underground passages of a total length of 15.1 km, the longest and most extensive in Ethiopia.
    Overnight: Siko Mendo hotel

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