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may. de 2019 • Parejas

Hi, just a few words to explain why you have to choose a good guide and a good driver in Omo Valley from Jinka.

1-You need to feel safe, so an experienced person with good feelings and a sense of security to avoid scams, money abuse, or conflict areas.

2nd-A problem solver guide: sometimes it’s too hot or you need something for your equipment or a simple wish and you need a problem solver guide simply finds solutions.

3rd-Expert in local culture and ethnicities. You will be immersed in a new different and extreme culture and way of living: it is important to have a cult wise person to shadow you and explain all that you see and feel.

4rd-Good network in the Valley, Jinka, Nyangaton, Jimma, and National Parks. You need local guides and scouts to move around as well as knowing the chiefs of every tribe for a smooth visit to local people.

5th-With photography taste and equipment: some devices at destination may help, like tripods, backgrounds, etc…

For these five reasons, after checking around seven other guides by phone, mail, and in-person I strongly recommend the best-in-class in Omo Valley. Firew Fikadu, his company is ROUND OMO VALLEY TOURS and his telephone is +(251) 0 91 671 1928.
I can say I am well-traveled person including extreme destinations such as North Korea or deep Amazon areas Firew Fikadu is a reliable guide and outstanding person and he also supports local sustainable businesses in the local communities.

Just rely on him and flow.


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