Bale Mountain Trek – 6 Days


Upon arrival of destination Bale Mountains National Park which is about 400km away and by afternoon

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    Camping, Trekking
  • Activity Level Moderate
  1. Day 1 Addis Ababa

    Upon the arrival at the destination Bale Mountains National Park which is about 400km away and by afternoon we will be at the HQ of National Park where we gonna settle for camping in juniper open woodland habitat and surrounded by an endemic Mountain Nyala and Menelik’s Bushbuck plus another bonus of wildlife.
    Overnight: at BMNP, HQ

  2. Day 2 Adelle

    Here in the northern part of Bale Mountains National Park is so rich due to the Wildlife’s high diversity of Mammals and Birdlife in their unique habitat of Gaysay Grassland and Northern woodland both habitats are very close to each other.
    Expect to see: Mountain nyala, Menelik’s Bushbuck, Grey Duiker, Several cats, and so more
    Overnight: Adelle

  3. Day 3 Sodota

    Hiking to web Valley looking for an endangered species of canine that is only found in Ethiopia and bale mountains national park is home for 80 percent of the population of the Ethiopian wolf plus more to see.
    Overnight: Sodota

  4. Day 4 Rafu Rock Lava

    This is the day we gonna say where everything is special Rafu Rock Lava is an amazing experience, by the time you get there you gonna jump from rock to rock like klipspringer.
    Key Animals: Klipspringer, Le
    Over Night: Rafu Rock Lava (Rafu)
    Habitat : Afro-alpine

  5. Day 5 Sanate plateaus

    After breakfast hiking on one of the largest Afro-alpine in the entire of Africa meets and greets one of the Rarest Canine species in the world the Ethiopian wolf and so many different species of birds beside wildlife and bird watching the landscapes themselves breathtaking.
    Habitat: Afro-alpine
    Key Animals: Ethiopian wolf, Klipspringer, Rock Hyrax, Abyssinian hare
    Overnight: Sanate plateaus

  6. Day 6 Addis Ababa

    Early morning drive back to Addis Abeba via Afro-alpine will reach to Addis Abeba by the afternoon some city tour afterward farewell dinner then fly home.
    Key Animals: Ethiopian wolf,
    Overnight: fly home

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