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How do I get to the Omo Valley? How do I travel from place to place?

Arba Minch is your springboard into the Omo Valley. Most visits will start with a short domestic flight to Arba Minch, with an overnight at Paradise Lodge before beginning your exploration of the Omo in earnest the following morning. From Arba Minch, you’ll be heading into the Omo on road via Toyota Landcruiser. 

Over the next few days, you’ll be driving to different regions of the Omo, with drive times typically 2-4 hours at a time, depending on your itinerary. The drives are comfortable enough, but the roads are often bumpy. 

It’s also possible to access the Omo via a drive down from Addis across the Rift Valley, where you can spend a couple of nights at the various lakeside lodges and resorts. Or, combine an inbound flight with an outbound drive if you want to experience the best of what southern Ethiopia has to offer (you might want to consider spending a couple of nights in the Bale Mountains as well). 

For more information, check our guide on how to get to the Omo Valley. 


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